Online reservation system for alpine huts

The online reservation system for alpine club huts has been used very successfully since summer 2016. The system is based on the previous reservation system of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) and is a transnational project between AVS, DAV, ÖAV and SAC. PZS joined recently (2021). In 2014/15, the CAA financed a study on the multi-client capability of the SAC system, thus supporting and pushing the project.

On the website of the respective hut or section as well as on the websites of the participating associations, you can access the reservation form and enter length of stay, group size or meal preferences online. At the same time, the current booking status is visible: a traffic light system (red-yellow-green) immediately shows how many sleeping places are still available - subdivided by type of shared room.

Not only alpine club huts but also private huts may join the system. Currently a "multi-day tour module" is to be developed, in which one can reserve comfortably all hut overnight accomodations of a multi-day route onlne. Participation in the system is voluntary, i.e. not all huts are connected to the system.

It makes it easier for the hosts of highly frequented huts in particular to administer the sleeping places, but above all it also opens up uncomplicated possibilities for tour planning for the users.

CAI intends to adopt the system as well.

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