"Encounters with wolves" - new information leaflet in five languages (2021)

On the initiative and under coordination of the Austrian Alpine Club, the Alpine associations united in the CAA have published an illustrated leaflet on the topic of "Encounters with wolves". With short texts and humorous drawings, the leaflet provides general guidance and recommendations to contribute to safety when encountering wolves and in the presence of livestock guardian dogs.

Like the bear, the wolf has been re-colonising parts of the Alps for several years. Although encounters are very unlikely for humans, fears are widespread. The leaflet concentrates on short facts and takes a neutral position. It is mainly aimed at mountaineers and hikers, informs about the characteristics and protection status of the wolf and gives tips on how to behave.

The leaflet is printed by the alpine associations as a fanfold and is available as a download and for self-printing on DIN A 4 as a DIN long leaflet.

German, English, French, Italian, Slovenian


Poster "Safe bouldering outdoor"

Illustrating the recommendations "Safe bouldering outdoor" of 2019!

German: Poster AVS-CAA poster ÖAV-CAA, poster DAV-CAA, poster SAC -CAA
Italian: Poster AVS-CAA, poster SAC-CAA; french: poster AVS-CAA, poster SAC-CAA


Flyer "Bedbugs hitch-hike" and guidebook for hut teams newly published (2020)

The CAA has reissued last year's DAV/ÖAV/AVS flyer "Bedbugs hike with" and the guide with recommendations for hut teams. The files are available in German, Italian, French an Slovenian, the flyer is also available in English.
Printing and distribution of the printed publications is done by the CAA member associations. Here the PDFs are available for download, print files on request.

Flyer "Bettwanzen wandern mit!" (German)

Flyer "Bedbugs hitch-hike"

Depliant "Le cimici dei letti camminano con voi!"  (Italian)

Dépliant "Les punaises de lit randonnent avec vous !" (French)

Flyer "Posteljne stenice gredo s tabo! (Slovenian)

Ratgeber "Bettwanzen". Empfehlungen für Hüttenteams (German)

Punaises de lit. Recommandati ons pour les équipes de cabanes (French)

Cimici dei letti. Consigli per il personale dei rifugi (Italian)

Posteljne stenice. Priporo ila za osebje planinskih koc (Slovenian)


Leaflet "Hiking in bear areas" in five languages

Recently the leaflet "Hiking in bear areas" was completed in four alpine languages + English. It contains behavioural tips for hikers staying in areas of the Alps where bears live or roam. You can download the leaflet and/or print it printed on both sides and fold it DIN long. It is based on a bilingual brochure of the Alpenverein Südtirol and was adapted for all CAA associations at the request of the CAA Commission for Nature Protection and Alpine Spatial Planning (KONSAR).

Leaflet Hiking in bear areas german, englisch, french, italian, slovenian


Poster "Safe climbing indoor" (2019)

Illustrations of the recommendations "Safe climbing indoor":

English: Poster CAA-AVS-CAI, Poster CAA-DAV, Poster CAA -ÖAV, Poster CAA-LAVPoster CAA-PZS  (Partly also Italian and French versions, on request)


Poster "Safe bouldering indoor"

Illustrations of the recommendations "Safe bouldering indoor":

German: Poster CAA-AVS, Poster CAA-ÖAV, Poster CAA-SAC
Italian + french:  Poster CAA-CAI italian, Poster CAA-AVS italian, Poster CAA-SAC italianPoster CAA-SAC french

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