The commissions

The commissions of the CAA are technical committees and advisory bodies for the board.

They build a forum for networking and exchange of information in their respective fields of activity and between the alpine associations, and an instrument for a better coordination, the utilisation of synergies and concerted Lobbying.

The commissions are composed of experts from the single associations and therefore they dispose of competent knowledge of the particular sectors as well as of the relatedness to their respective association.

The commissions are not filled in relation to the number of members of the associations, but equally. The chairmen of the commissions are connected directly to the board and regularly invited as guests to the general assembly, to ensure a fix connection of the work of the board and the commissions to the member associations.

The three commissions are:

Club Alpino Italiano
Alpenverein Südtirol
Deutscher Alpenverein
Liechtensteiner Alpenverein
Österreichischer Alpenverein
Schweizer Alpen-Club SAC
Fédération française des clubs alpins et de montagne