Commission of huts and trails

Tradition and modernity, technological innovation, idealism and healthy pragmatism are basic and characteristic elements for the work of the commission of huts and trails.

Prior and common goal is the preservation and promotion of the huts as an irreplaceable part of alpine tourism which the alpine associations have created in our mountains during their more than 150 years of existence. An important component to it is the periodical alpine-wide exchange of information about structural and environmental engineering needs and refurbishments within the framework of the commission.

Another common goal is the outline of formalities and concepts for preservation and sustainable maintenance of the high alpine hut infrastructure (huts, bivouacs). A balance between ecological and financial requirements in the respective territory has to be found. The CAA acts in the awareness that the alpine associations are important responsible bodies of valuable objects for tourism in the alpine space.

The CAA Commission gave rise to the project "Energy Efficiency in mouintain huts"" and the adoption of the SAC online reservation system by the other CAA associations. A common hut data interface is currently being created.

The annual meeting of the huts and trails commission 2021 took place in July at the Falkenhütte/ Karwendel mountains, Austria.


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