Ludwig Wucherpfennig, Treasurer

  • Elected to the CAA Board in 2019
  • Born 1940, lives in Hildesheim, Germany
  • Leading town planner and promoter of economicdevelopment of the town of Laatzen in retirement
  • Board member of the German League for Nature, Animal and Environment Protection (DNR)
  • Board member of the German Kuratorium for Sports and Nature

Functions in the German Alpine Club DAV

  • since 1958 member of the section Hildesheim, since 1954 engaged as a volunteer
  • 1986 - 2005 Chairman of the Hildesheim Section
  • 1995- 2005 Chairman of the Lower Saxony Association of Mountaineering in the DAV
  • 2005- 2015 DAV Vice President
  • Until today Chairman of the Presiding Committee of huts, trails and climbing facilities





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