Dr. Nicole Slupetzky, President

Born in 1972, lives in Bergheim near Salzburg
Director of the  Volkshochschule (College of further education) Salzburg,

Functions in the Austrian Alpine Club (ÖAV):

At the federal level since 2013 in the federal youth leadership of the Austrian Alpine Club and since 2017 federal youth leader. In this function also member of the Huts-and trails- Committee, numerous working groups on topics such as inclusion, mountaineering and health, climate and sustainability issues...
Vice-President of the Austran Alpine Club since 2015.

"I inherited the „Alpine Club Gene" from my parents, which both were volunteers or still are volunteers. Measuring glaciers with my father taught us how important and beautiful mountains are - above all the protection of the Alps. The rapid melting of the glaciers is now visible to everyone. My mountaineering experience lies mainly in the Hohe Tauern, with an altitude of about 3000 meters such as Rauriser Sonnblick, Bärenköpfe, Granatspitze, Stubachersonnblick, etc. I'm not an extreme alpinist, but I love all kind of outdoor sports, whether mountain biking, climbing, ski touring or just beautiful hut trekkings."


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